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Friends & family: Recently Adrian Zapata, Rafael Garcia & I jumped into the publishing industry here in Laredo, TX. Please go “Like” our page, VarCity Magazine, Laredo’s Premier Sports Magazine. We will be publishing 3,000 copies of issue #1 & will also have a digital downloadable version available.
I’m your Publishing Director/Photographer
Adrian is your Editor-in-Chief/Writer
Rafael is your Creative Director/Photographer

Special thanks to Gabriela Treviño & Danny Medellin for the help!

Team work made it happen.

Thank you to our supporters & especially our Sponsors, we look forward to your readership. www.facebook.com/varcitymag


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Action pictures are now available for free download by clicking the “Client Viewing” link above. Congratulations to the bulldogs and Good luck to both teams in the playoffs!

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